Piano Classes

Additional Information

 About the Piano classes

  • Mr. Nate’s Piano classes are conducted at the Adventures in Music Studio near the Hillsdale Shopping Center.
  • Piano classes are 45 minutes long, occurring once a week with a maximum of 6 children attending.
  • Everyone uses a studio keyboard in class and at the end of the session everyone plays a recital. 
  • Piano classes are held:
  • Monday through Thursday 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm

Classes are then set up in Seasonal Sessions.

  • Fall Session is held from late August to December. (14-15 weeks)
  • Winter Session lasts from January to Spring Break (Easter).  (13 -14 weeks)
  • Spring Session goes from Spring Break until the end of school usually 1st or 2nd week in June. (7 - 8 weeks)


  • Payment is made by the session (approximately $33 per class) plus registration and materials fee ($60) for new students. Check or cash is accepted

Benefits of the Adventures in Music Piano Course:

  • Mr. Nate’s studio is equipped with a keyboard and headphones for each student and utilizes an interactive class structure where they can feel comfortable.
  • The students are energetically drilled in music symbols, rhythm, notes and intervals by Mr. Nate in an enjoyable game format; not tedious or boring. Worksheets are occasionally assigned for reinforcement of the concepts taught.
  • Each child makes their way to a keyboard to practice their songs, which Mr. Nate has assigned to them after completion and /or correction of the last assignment.
  • Students find positive, encouraging instruction to acquire the skills they need on the path toward performing music - whether it is piano, trumpet, saxophone or choir. Early piano lessons are a basis for branching out to a different instrument later in school or keeping with piano. These important lessons give kids the basic music theory needed without a strict, regimented teaching style. These are solid fundamentals that will last into middle school and beyond.
  • Mr. Nate’s enthusiastic but gentle way urges the children to progress at their own speed without pressure; so they feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. His enthusiasm is infectious. The goal is to get the children excited about learning songs but, most of all, instilling the love of learning music


  • The Fall Session Recital takes place at the Hillsdale Mall Nordstrom Plaza location on a weekend in December during the holiday season at the end of the session.
  • The Winter and Spring Session Recitals take place on the last regular class of the session at the Adventures in Music studio. Grandparents, friends and siblings are invited. The performers are given a recital certificate and a small prize. There are drinks and snacks for everyone. There is a special Halloween party/recital on Halloween week.


  • Beginners learn the right hand first on 5 notes - C,D,E,F and G, music symbols, and have music games to reinforce the concepts.
  • Mr. Nate sometimes uses a format of 15 minutes of games and 30 minutes at the keyboard. Everyone plays a studio keyboard.
  • The students are given a beginning notes booklet and exact directions on what to practice and how long.
  • They will receive a binder with some beginning music theory for writing and a special calendar to record their practice.
  • Parents are given specific instructions at the end of every class.
  • At the end of the session everyone plays a recital usually a duet with Mr. Nate.
  • Upon completion of the recital they will receive “Alfred d’Alberge” Book 1; the 2-handed method book, from Mr. Nate to continue their study.  

Ongoing Piano Students

  • If your child has studied piano for 6 months of more with another teacher and hasn’t stopped playing, Mr. Nate would likely place them into an existing class of students that are beyond the Beginning level.
  • He can teach from the book in which they are studying or introduce the series of Method books he utilizes.
  • The class is conducted with a format of 15 minutes of level appropriate games and 30 minutes at the keyboard.
  • Everyone practices on a studio keyboard with headphones.
  • At the end of the session everyone plays a recital.   

Choosing a Day and Time

  • Beginners are grouped by level and age and will be placed in a class whose day and time is to be determined by the available class periods.
  • Ongoing students’ previous classes have precedence over beginners  and until I know who is leaving I won't know which class day or time is available.
  • The parents will then be notified by email as to a few possibilities for time and day.  

To place an ongoing student Mr. Nate will look at 3 things:

  • the student’s available times a class with an available spot
  • matching the student’s level with the class
  • The parents will then be notified by email as to a few possibilities for time and day.


Notify Mr. Nate by Monday of the week your child will miss and he will try to set up a make-up class for you. There are sometimes available spots in classes throughout the week, but not always. He will do his best to accommodate you.  


Monday Holidays are not taken by Adventures in Music. Mr. Nate noticed that most student families are back from vacation by 4pm Monday and can attend class that day. If you cannot make it, let Mr. Nate know and he will do his best to find an alternate class later in the week.