Mr. Nate's Piano Classes

Mr. Nate's Piano Classes

Mr. Nate's Piano ClassesMr. Nate's Piano ClassesMr. Nate's Piano Classes


Please feel free to register for classes or just obtain info on Mr. Nate's programs - including weekly classes or Summer Piano Camp


Welcome to Mr. Nate’s  Adventures in Music! Mr. Nate’s music school provides fun piano music  instruction after school from September through early June. Yes, Piano  classes in San Mateo! During the summer months, Piano Summer Camp is  offered to provide an enjoyable music experience in a day camp setting  with an unbelievable concert/recital on the last day. Both programs are  engaging and fun, while providing introductory music/piano instruction.  Mr. Nate provides a ‘kid-friendly’ environment, so that the students can  feel confident about their progress without feeling pressured to  perform. Mr. Nate also offers a beginning jazz piano course as well as a  jazz ensemble course that teaches jazz performance; including an  extensive jazz repertoire, jazz improvisation and how to play in a jazz  combo. His jazz experience comes from many years playing jazz, rock and  rhythm and blues, with artists including Herbie Hancock, Todd Rundgren,  Steve Miller and Larry Graham.


Please roam Mr. Nate’s  Adventures in Music website for information about Mr. Nate and his  programs. Refer to the FAQ’s for extra information and if you have any  questions, don’t hesitate to send  an email using the contact page.  Thanks!