Why Group Instruction

Why Group Instruction Is So Successful With Young Children

  • Any successful education depends upon the child’s enjoyment. Classes are just more fun than individualized private lessons.Group Piano Instruction
  • Children learn from each other, develop self-confidence and enjoy being with friends.
  • Most musical experiences require more than one person: orchestra, choir, musicals, bands, etc.
  • Children benefit from group participation in learning active skills and healthy means of self-expression.
  • A skilled teacher can constantly evaluate the understanding, progress and needs of each child when teaching in a small group.
  • Cost is reduced and each child receives a longer exposure to music each week.

Why Should My Child Start Music Study at Age Five?

  • Ear development – The ear develops more rapidly between the ages of four and seven. Since ear training is the single most important factor in musical ability, this is the critical age to begin music study.
  • Academic Preparation – Students who have received early music education learn other subjects more easily. Many visual aural and tactile skills are developed through music. The ability to concentrate, listen and study in an organized manner, are additional skills which carry over into almost any learning experience. Utilization of all of the senses, including whole body movement, help children to learn concepts more completely.
  • Music and Health - Involvement with music is proven to aid in stress reduction, physical and emotional healing and mind and body conditioning. Scientists have documented the fact that participation in music actually brings about changes in unhealthy cells.
  • Combining Learning Methods - Mr. Nate’s curriculum is organized to coordinate music reading with ear training, rhythmic figures, some singing, movement and games for strengthening the pulse beat. These methods have been combined into an interesting and unique program that ensures the success of each student.
  • Learning Incognito - Children learn best when the activities are enjoyable, active and engaging. Mr. Nate’s method recognizes the need for all these factors to work together for the children to become engrossed in these activities – even though they are not aware of the conceptual learning happening at the time.
  • Keyboard Exploration – Mr. Nate’s keyboard classes explore the keyboard through improvisation, playing by ear, learning chords and reading notes at the keyboard. This keyboard method is meant to enrich the total musical experience rather than teach keyboard technique at early levels. Keyboard activities are geared to the age and level of the classes.