"Mr. Nate knows how to engage a child in playing the piano so as to lessen the possibility of him or her finding it drudgery. He teaches the basics without harping on them. For example, he shows the child how to sit at the keyboard, how to hold the arms and hands, but if the child doesn’t do it quite right, he moves on to other things. Why? Because if the child continues to take lesson and turns out to show a true interest in playing the piano, THEN he will gently explain that the hands, wrists, and arms won’t feel so tired if they are held properly. Basically, he makes learning to play the piano fun by focusing on what is most important for the child at the moment.

When my daughter was five, she expressed an interest in learning to play piano, so I hired a teacher, who followed the “classical method,” to come to our house once a week. But this person focused so much on how to hold the hands and how to sit on the piano bench and not enough on experiencing the joy of music that my child lost interest in learning piano after four weeks—I found myself wishing I had the piano skills and musical theory to teach her myself. After that negative experience, It took two years for me to finally get my daughter to try piano again, but she didn’t want to do lessons, given her past experience with the classical approach.

Two years later, two friends of mine from two different circles of my life suggested Mr. Nate for piano, emphasizing the low-stress learning environment. When I contacted him, he told me about his then upcoming Piano Camp. Though my child was leery of “lessons,” per se, she was excited about a piano day camp —and this from a girl who hated to be away from her daddy when not at school or a play-date--she was a shy seven year old. After the first day of piano camp, I was expecting her to say she didn’t want to keep going, and I thought I would have to play the tough guy to keep her going for the rest of the week, but she absolutely loved it. She joined the After school program the next Fall Session and has been taking classes for 4 years now.

Taking group lessons of the type that Mr. Nate offers is usually less expensive than private lessons. As for buying a piano, if that’s too much of an expense Mr. Nate suggests that an inexpensive keyboard is fine to use. "
Dave P.

My daughter had a great time learning piano from Mr. Nate! She first got to know Mr. Nate through class at Serendipity School and liked it so much that she continued with Mr. Nate's Adventures in Music. She also attended Piano Summer Camp and had a loads of fun.

The group piano lessons were perfect for my daughter. She was not ready for and would not have enjoyed private lessons. She had a great time with her fellow budding pianists while furthering her love of music and developing keyboard skills. Mr. Nate's classes include musical fun and games along with sight reading and keyboard learning. She also learned how to stand up, introduce herself, perform for an audience, and be a respectful audience member. She especially looked forward to the yearly holiday performances at Hillsdale Mall.

The Summer Camp was a wonderful adventure into rhythm. I got an enormous kick out of the performance on the last day!

Kudos Holiday Recital Hillsdale Mall 2007

Thank you for helping to get the "mall people" to change their minds about keeping the holiday show at the mall! That is the best part of the holiday season for us. We loved seeing the piano recitals and especially the Jazz Quintet. They were SUPER! Having the singer also helped to bring that special something to the show. We really appreciate all of your efforts (especially with the teenagers, we know how much patience they take!).

Mr. Nate – just wanted to say what a wonderful job I thought you did with the kids concert and the format is just right. Delightful that they were able to perform in the mall, where people can come and go.

Also, REAL kudos to you for everything from their preparation to the pep talk they get right before. Kate is traditionally quite shy, but I see when prepared she shines. Just wanted to say thanks from our family.

We really enjoyed hearing the kids play too! It's great when they can go up and perform on stage in front of a "mall crowd of strangers" and not even be phased.

I first want to thank you for an amazingly wonderful concert yesterday. I'm not sure exactly how you did it, but you got my very shy little girl to stand up in front of all those people, say her name and play beautifully. We were all quite shocked that she didn't freeze up!! It could have only been done with your gentle encouragement and great talent!

Thank you for the wonderful recital! Jamie and William were very pleased with their first public performance...and with the cool bag of goodies which you gave them.

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance you organized for your students today. We were so proud of everybody that performed! They all worked to hard and did a fabulous job. Thank you for all your hard work- you really made them shine! : )

The recital (the first three classes on Sat. morning) went very well. I'm impressed with how you got all the children to behave so well on stage and bow so nicely...and play piano too!