"My daughter was introduced to Mr. Nate's music camp by a neighbor.  Despite no previous musical experience, she could play a simple song on the piano in one week and thrilled her parents during the final group performance on the last day of camp.  After six months of lessons she exhibits only enthusiasm and excitement for her teacher, lessons and her growing ability to play piano.  Mr. Nate knows how to make playing music fun!  Thanks for a wonderful introduction to music for our daughter! "
Karen Hart

"My 8-year old son attended Mr. Nate's Adventures in Music Camp for 2 years in a row so far. He really had a great time being a part of the "band" that they formed with percussion instruments. At the end of the session, the kids performed their very own song that they all composed together. My son came away with a real sense of pride and accomplishment and he had a blast in the process. Mr. Nate made learning about music fun and in the process, inspired the kids to be creative and innovative. We love Adventures in Music Camp!"
Sara Gray

"My daughter was very shy about starting any kind of athletic or music lessons. Her first foray into them began with Mr. Nate’s one week long Piano Camp when she was seven. She absolutely loved the experience—the lessons on keyboard and other instruments, the music games, the walks to the park for lunch—and will be attending his camp again this summer for the fourth time. After the camp she continued on with Mr. Nate’s group piano lessons during the school year, and she continues to be very motivated to play and practice at home. You can imagine how impressed I was at my shy daughter’s first recital at the end of Piano Camp when she stood up in front of all the parents and kids, boldly stated her name and the name of the piece she was to play, played it, then finished with a bow. Wow!"
Dave P.

"My boys, Adam and Justin, love taking piano from Mr. Nate.  He makes learning music fun, while still including music theory and performance.  They never resist going to their lessons and enjoy progressing at their own pace.  Mr. Nate is an experienced performer of Jazz and also does improvisation, thus adding an additional dimension to their music education.  Lastly, his summer camp gives them a whole week of learning in a positive, fun environment."
—Dr. Dolly Shoup