Welcome to Mr. Nate's Preschool Program

Mr. Nate's Adventures in Music Preschool Program is taught at some of the most respected preschools on the San Francisco Peninsula. It is a creative musical learning experience that is FUN for preschoolers! The program combines songs about safety, family, school and the world around them with moves and fingerplays that make the songs a joy to learn. The children will learn classic American folk songs, international songs, holiday and seasonal songs that will develop a lifelong love of music. Imagination is the key to movement when they are engaged in Rock 'n' Roll dancing, dinosaur stomping, Mexican Hat dancing, underwater exploring, Irish jigging, doing the hula, Chinese Dragon dancing, pretending with Winnie the Pooh and friends, and the ever-popular - JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!

Every class is an adventure with Mr. Nate introducing something new and exciting to draw out the children's natural curiosity and imagination. Mr. Nate teaches these special little people about different musical instruments by bringing them to class, showing and explaining them, and sometimes letting the children try them out. He brings rhythm instruments and manipulatives, such as shaker eggs, scarves, beanbags and rhythm sticks to play as well. In his class he exposes them to different yet specific types of music styles: Samba, Boogie-woogie, Waltz, Polka, Reggae, Rock 'n' Roll and others.

Where this program truly excels is in promoting self-esteem, building confidence, stimulating creativity/imagination and developing musical skills and knowledge: valuable tools in shaping self-worth and the children's awareness of themselves.

Preschool Benchmarks

Every Preschool Music Program should encourage:
  • Singing along with the class
  • Marching, stepping or clapping to a steady beat
  • Playing a variety of simple rhythm instruments
  • Singing songs to accompany games and playtime activities
  • Responding to music with creative movement
  • Playing simple instrumental accompaniments to songs, stories, and poems
  • Using body movement to respond to dynamics and tempo
  • Developing attentive listening habits
  • Participating freely in musical activities
  • Practicing Courtesy, Cooperation and Respect

Taken from the California State Music Content Standards for Pre-Kindergarten


Mr Nate's Preschool Music Program is currently being conducted at the following preschools:

  • Serendipity Preschool - San Mateo
  • Bridgepoint Academy - San Mateo
  • Papillon Preschool - Burlingame
  • Happy Campers Preschool - San Carlos
  • Sequoia Child Center - Redwood City
  • Roberts School - Menlo Park
  • CCLC at Electronic Arts Complex

To register your child for Mr. Nate's Adventures in Music Preschool Program, please complete and submit the Registration Form on the menu of this page. A confirmation email with payment instructions will be sent.

Thank you.


Roberts School
Mr. Nate has provided The Roberts School children with outstanding musical experiences since Fall 2004. My staff and I feel so blessed to have his musical passion and expertise as a part of our preschool program. Mr. Nate interacts well with all of the children and they are always excited when he arrives each Tuesday- like clockwork. Another great quality about Nate Ginsberg is his loyalty and commitment to his program and ours. People of this high ethic are not found every day!!

Mr. Nate's program is very well rounded and incorporates physical movement, language arts, enhancement of listening and performance skills, knowledge of seasons and holidays and how music correlates to these times and events. He incorporates fun and levity into the time he spends with the children yet maintains an environment where the children love to learn. This "loving to learn" is at the heart of The Roberts School philosophy since we were founded in 1975 by My Mom, Patricia Roberts. Thus, Mr. Nate and The Roberts School are a perfect match! I recommend Mr. Nate HIGHLY!
— Brenda Roberts, Director,Owner, The Roberts School, Menlo Park, CA

Papillon Preschool
It has been an honor to have Mr. Nate as part of the Papillon Preschool Family, for the past ten years. Mr. Nate has the most incredible ability to engage, empower and stimulate the children. Mr. Nate transforms every occasion into a joy of singing and dancing. The children are captivated by his innovative, engaging musical talents. Mr. Nate remembers every single child's name and always has a smile for them. Every school can only be enriched by Mr. Nate's program.
— Corine E Kaddouz, Director, Owner, Papillon Preschool, Burlingame, CA

They come to us as cocoons, and we let them go as butterflies.

Happy Campers Preschool
Nate Ginsberg has been a wonderful part of our program for the past 10 years. Nate is enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with. Our program is a better program because Nate is apart of it. Nate not only comes each week ready to go with a fun curriculum, he has also helped us with special events such as our annual holiday show and graduation ceremony. We are very happy to have Nate as apart of our program and look forward to many years ahead.
— Audra Tsivikas, Director, Happy Campers Preschool, San Carlos, CA

Sequoia Children's Center
Nate Ginsberg has been teaching music classes for our 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and our PreK here at Sequoia Children’s Center since 2002. The children look forward to their weekly class of music and fun with Mr. Nate.

Mr. Nate brings a variety of instruments, teaches songs, listening skills, rhythm, and responds to the teachers’ themes and the children’s interests. He works with the teachers in preparing the children for our annual music program.  Mr. Nate’s enthusiasm and his love of music are absolutely contagious and every child catches this joy that is such a gift!

 I have the highest regard for Mr. Nate’s ability to relate to young children and bring music into their lives.
— Karen Peterson, Director , Sequoia Children's Center, Redwood City, CA

Serendipity Preschool
Nate Ginsberg or as we affectionally call him, "Mr. Nate", has been teaching music at Serendipity School for ten years. He teaches music in all our classes. With our two and three year- olds, he plays lots of "bouncy" tunes, and the children love to hop and dance around. With the four and five year old classes he can expand his curriculum so that the children are not only learning fun songs but are also playing simple instruments and learning folk dances. During the school year his music classes reflect the changes in the season and it always fits in nicely with our own curriculum. For example, during Chinese New Year, Mr. Nate has a wonderful dragon puppet and the children take turns doing the 'dragon dance'. While they are parading through the rooms, Mr. Nate is playing music that would be traditionally heard if you were at a Chinese New Year's Parade. Our children always look forward to their music day, they love the games and other fun activities and the teachers appreciate his enthusiasm and experience.

- Patrice Warto, Co-Director Serendipity Preschool, San Mateo, CA