Welcome to Mr. Nate's Adventures in Music

Piano Classes

How long and how often are the piano classes?

Piano classes are occur once a week and are 45 minutes long. Piano classes are held Monday through Wednesday at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm; Thursday at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm; and. Friday at 5pm and 6pm.. Classes are then set up in seasonal sessions. Fall Session is held from September to December. Winter Session lasts is from January to Spring Break (Easter). Spring Session goes from Spring Break until the end of school usually 1st or 2nd week in June. Payment is made by the session.

My child’s schedule is busy. When are the classes held and how can I find a time he/she is able to attend?

Mr. Nate will look at 3 things:

  • The student’s available times
  • A class with an available spot
  • Matching the student’s level with the class

The parents will then be notified by email as to a few possibilities for time and day.

My child has never taken piano before. How will that work?

Mr. Nate would put that child in a beginning class with other beginners of the same age. A practice calendar and a ‘Letter to Parents’ that outlines a practice schedule helps the piano students and families become successful, especially at the beginning when setting up a good foundation for practicing is crucial.

My child has taken piano before. How would I find the right class for him/her?

Mr. Nate would talk with the child’s parents about their current level piano books and, if needed, meet with the student to conduct an evaluation, then recommend placement.

When are the recitals?

The Fall Session Recital takes place at the Hillsdale Mall Nordstrom Plaza location on a weekend in December during the holiday season at the end of the session.

The Winter and Spring Session Recitals take place on the last regular class of the session at the Adventures in Music studio.

How do I pay?

Payment is by the session, by mail or in person, two weeks before the session begins. You will be notified by email.

What if my child must miss a class?

Notify Mr. Nate by Monday of the week your child will miss and he will try to set up a make-up class for you. There are sometimes available spots in classes throughout the week, but not always. He will do his best to accommodate you.

Piano Summer Camp

(Please visit Summer Piano Camp page)

When, where, and how long is Piano Summer Camp?

Mr. Nate’s Piano Summer Camp sessions are one week long, 9am to 3:30pm, with a music performance/ and recital wrapping up the 5 days of musical immersion process. The weeks are decided upon by Mr. Nate’s schedule and the school calendar, although generally it starts the week after the last day of public school until the last week of July. (Excluding July 4th week) The camp is held at Mr. Nate’s Adventures in Music Studio with lunch in a nearby municipal park.

My child has never studied music. Will he/she fit in?

Beginning students are welcome! The beginning curriculum fits first timers because in the piano study time each child practices on their own studio keyboard with headphones after being given a private lesson by Mr. Nate. The musical games are simple and fun for beginners.

My child has studied piano/music. Will it be too simple for her/him?

Mr. Nate can pick up where ever the student left off with the previous teacher. He is able to challenge, and provide an appropriate music curriculum so that the student will continue to progress. There are musical games and theory for all levels.

This is Piano/music curriculum – How can it be fun?

Mr. Nate makes sure the camp is fun, entertaining and educational without any feeling of stoic instruction. Sno-cones, squirt guns, water balloons, walking my friendly little dog and lots of musical games allow the students to feel that they are just having a good old time on a warm summer’s day.

What if my child misses a day of camp?

No refund or make-up is available for missed days of camp.

Do you have any after-care for Piano Camp?

Depending on the need, after care is available until 5:30pm
Monday – Thursday.

What happens in the concert/performance/recital? Can they actually perform together after only a week?

Mr. Nate receives wonderful comments about how well the children perform on their concert/recital after only one week of rehearsal. The xylophone ‘Rain Forest Song’ is an exotic creation that is unique for each class ensemble. The special Orff designed Xylophones lend themselves to the children making rich, beautiful music using their large motor skills. The young performers are connecting the sound, muscles and memory by using a very important learning tool, Muscle Memory. The process of listening, watching, counting, paying attention and being in sync with the other players is a valuable skill for beginning musicians.(Or anyone). It’s my opinion that kids don’t have a chance to realize this kind of potential in regular school since music is not a core/academic subject and is relegated to usually1/2 hour weekly. They will also work together as an ensemble performing a simple song and dance. Their hard work on piano will be seen and heard playing a song or songs of their choice in their piano recital.

How do I pay?

Payment is made after contacting Mr. Nate for availability, confirming which week the student is attending, then sending a deposit check to reserve your spot in the chosen week. It’s first-come, first- serve in filling sessions of camp, so don’t hesitate too long. Sometimes sessions fill up quickly.